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Third partners' meeting for our project

The 3rd project meeting took place on the 15th of January 2016 in Nicosia, Cyprus. The representatives from all partners gathered together to discuss the activities done and to agree the immediate future ones. OIC Poland Foundation presented the progress in development of the O2 –Simulation social-economy enterprise game, where all partners contributed with comments and suggestions as to the further improvement and customization of the game microstructure. Next issue on the agenda was the presentation, by Eurosuccess Consulting, of the progress done till now as well as the next steps to be done, for the O5 – ICT tool for strategic planning. In addition, ISTUD presented the preliminary training programme and defined its final version (O3 – Programme Toolkit/ Training Programme & Teaching Materials), along with the participation of the rest of the partners. The project partners also agreed the next steps regarding the development of the training modules. The project activities and milestones where also presented for the promotion & dissemination as well as for the quality and evaluation packages by the responsible leaders, Eurosuccess Consulting and CPIP, respectively. At the end, the project coordinator, OIC Poland Foundation, presented the administrative and financial manners of the project, highlighting the issues relevant to the preparation of the upcoming interim report. The next partners meeting will take place in Milan, Italy (from 25 till 30 of July 2016) and will be combined with the C1 Activity (Train the trainers session) – which will focus on preparation of the national trainers/experts for the piloting sessions in each country.




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